Pharmacy's Political Action Committee of New York State (RxPAC) was established as a voluntary, non-profit organization registered with the NYS Board of Elections.  This committee's charge is:

  • To raise and distribute funds to political candidates
  • To promote active participation of pharmacists in government affairs
  • To increase the political clout of organized pharmacy

Click here to read the RxPAC's Current Bylaws.  Proposed changes to these bylaws can be viewed by clicking here.

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Why contributing to and joining your Political Action Committee (PAC) is important to you

Joining the PAC helps develop friendly relationships with legislators and gets your concerns on their radar.  This committee is your opportunity to make a difference in the political process.  If you do not not let your voice be heard, your concerns will never be addressed.  Ensure your legislator does not just hear the other side.

During the 2011-2012 election cycle, pharmacists contributed approximately $200,000 to RxPAC. These funds were contributed to individuals running for statewide political offices as well as seats in the NY Senate and Assembly. RxPAC funds are managed carefully by the RxPAC Chairman and RxPAC Board to maximize political clout.

Contribution Limits

Political Contribution Limits in New York State Election Law:

  • NYS Corporations - up to a total of $5,000 per year;
  • Individual Citizens - up to a total of $150,000 per year;
  • PACs - no cap on total annual contributions, but PACs must submit periodic financial reports with the NYS Board of Elections.

Campaign funding is highly regulated by the NYS Board of Elections.  Contributions to RXPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Teachers, trial lawyers, unions, hospital associations and real estate interests have the largest PACs in New York. In comparison, RxPAC is of modest size.

Working toward a brighter tomorrow for us all!

Leigh McConchie, Chair  

William Scheer,Treasurer

Beth Downing, Secretary

Board Members:

Michael Agovino

Debbi Barber

Patrick Courney

Ron Del Gaudio,
Dennis Galluzzo

Howard Jacobson

Nasir Mahmood

Vincent Mazzamuto